Deadline24 2016 Recap Video

Let's go back to April 9-10, 2016! Watch the recap video from this year's edition of the marathon. Enjoy!

See you next year!

A big thanks to all of the participants and congratulations to the winners and the finalists. It was a pleasure to host you.

Have a look at the results and pictures.

See you next year!


The winners of Deadline24 2016!

After 24 hours, the competition has come to an end. 

The winners of Deadline24 2016 are:

1st place: Team HoRyxoGon - Marek Cygan, Przemysław Dębiak and Eryk Kopczyński

2nd place: Team Charles University Legion - Michal Danilák, Filip Hlasek and Jakub Zika

3rd place: Team Xeighdoughotiqueue - Gennady Korotkevich, Roman Udovichenko and Sergei Zhgirovski


Congratulations and see you next year!

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The finals are on!

At 11:00 sharp, the competition began. After 24 hours we will know the winners. Good luck contestants! 

IMG 49691

Curious about prizes?

The best teams of this year’s edition of the marathon, besides evident satisfaction, will receive in-kind prizes. Future Processing has funded gifts that are fun to play with. We hope the winners will think so, too. For more information go here.

dl24 2016 prizes en

One of our partners prepared a special bonus - Microsoft funded smartphones Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Treasure Tags for the first and the second place respectively. Pretty good, isn’t it?

About Deadline24 in Vietnam!

Marcin Ćwięk and Kuba Nalepa, two of our task specialists, will be speaking at the Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems (ACIIDS 2016) in Da Nang, Vietnam. Their paper, How to Generate Benchmarks for Rich Routing Problems?, refers to one of Deadline24 tasks. How is that?

In 2015 qualifying round, the task Hit the Road! addressed a variant of the vehicle routing problem with time windows (VRPTW). Although the beetlejumpers come from our imagination, the problems they face commonly occur in real life. Marcin and Kuba, together with their team, created an algorithm to generate benchmarks for rich routing problems along with a simple heuristics to solve this variant of the VRPTW. Additionally, the paper compares the results retrieved using their heuristics with the solutions submitted by the contestants.

 jnalepa 01 mg 9716Jakub Nalepa

Marcin Marcin Ćwięk

Discover the venue

The finalists of this year’s edition of Deadline24 will be hosted in Muzeum Śląskie, four stories underground!

Traditionally, we have chosen a place with unique and industrial atmosphere. The new building of the museum is situated in the former ‘Katowice’ coal mine, once industrial downtown of the city.

Find out more.

Teren Muzeum laskiego noca wiea widokowa i szklane bryy fot. Sonia wieawska

Qualifying round results

After a 5-hour battle in the qualifying round, we know the finalists!

Marcin, Deadline24 team leader, said: “This year’s qualifying battle was tremendous. We had a record number of contestants who fiercely fought for every single point”.

30 best teams will meet on April 9-10, 2016 in Katowice to take up the final challenge.


See the results HERE.

qualifying round results

The qualifying round... ready, set, go!

All teams should have already received e-mails with their logins and passwords.

The contest qualifying round will start on Sunday morning. The participants will be able to log in and download the archives with the contest tasks starting from 8 am (CET), whereas the contest itself starts at 9 am and will last till 2 pm (CET).

The server address will be:

We have also set up a testing server where contestants can get familiar with all server functionalities right now.
Its address was sent with account information to all team members.

Registration record broken!

Yesterday we closed registration for this edition of Deadline24. The number of registered persons reached an all-time high: 1479! There will be 519 teams competing in the qualifying round.

They will be able to practice before the Sunday challenge - stay tuned, more information is coming very soon!

Have you registered yet?

We remind you that registration is still on. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t hesitate. We are waiting for you until February 25, 2016.

deadline24 1200x1000 take part en

Caught in action!

Our camera sneaked into the meeting of Deadline24 developers!

While you’ve been signing up, they’ve been discussing important issues. However, they wouldn’t reveal any secrets. Guess we have to wait for the qualifying round to find out.

Don’t forget to register.


Where do the tasks come from?

As you know, the tasks are one of the strongest elements in our marathon. Have you ever wondered who prepares them? Rumor has it they come from the Secret Algorithmic Monastery. It is time to finally reveal the secret.

Here they are! Do they look like monks to you? ;)

zdjecie zespolu

Say "hi" to: (from the left) Bartek, Tomek, Maciek, Maciek, Marcin (sitting down), Łukasz, Piotrek, Michał, Mateusz, as well as to Kuba, Łukasz and Marcin who couldn't be in the picture.

Are you ready to take up their challenge? Register and find out at the qualifying round!

Registration is now open!

You may now register for the 2016 edition of Deadline24. We are waiting for you until February 25, 2016.


More news coming soon, stay tuned!

Deadline24 2015 Recap Video

Let's recall Deadline24 2015. Watch the recap video from this year's edition of the marathon.

The winners of the 7th edition of Deadline24

We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s edition of Deadline24, an international team programming marathon. The best team who took the first place at this year’s Contest was SajchoModzajtoSajgon: Marek Cygan [the University of Warsaw], Przemysław Dębiak [] and Mateusz Żotkiewicz [Warsaw University of Technology]. The second place went to the team PŁatnerze w Płaszczach: Grzegorz Graczyk [Lodz University of Technology], Marek Rogalski [Google] and Paweł Tarasiuk [Lodz University of Technology]. The third place went to the team Charles University Legion: Michal Danilák [], Filip Hlasek [Charles University in Prague] and Jakub Zika [Facebook UK]. Congratulations!

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