Previous years' tasks


          Below, you can find tasks from previous editions of Deadline24.

Please note that until 2013, the Contest was held in Polish.
Thus, the tasks preceeding that year are available only in this language.

Qualifying round 2018: 

A. Division 

B. Flow 

C. Path 

D. Glass

E. Translators

Tasks, datasets, answers

Finals 2018: 

Coming soon...

Qualifying round 2017: 

A. Row 

B. Election 

C. Crossword 

D. Legacy

E. Rocks

Tasks, datasets, answers

Finals 2017: 

Finals 2017

Qualifying round 2016: 

A. Wildfire 

B. Orders 

C. Hospital 

D. Rancho

Tasks and datasets

Finals 2016: 

Finals 2016

Qualifying round 2015: 

A. Ciphertext 

B. Inspection 

C. Developer 

D. Hit the road!

Tasks and datasets

Finals 2015: 

Finals 2015

Qualifying round 2014: 

A. Flood 

B. Packs 

C. Interrogation 

D. Help

Tasks and datasets

Finals 2014: 

Finals 2014

Qualifying round 2013: 

A. Escape 

B. Unity 

C. Typesetter 

D. Mission

Tasks and datasets

Finals 2013: 

Finals 2013


Qualifying round 2012: 

A. Nalot 

B. Kontrwywiad 


D. Optymalizacjonizm

Tasks and datasets

Finals 2012: 

Finals 2012

Qualifying round 2011: 

A. Transcryption 

B. Tour 

C. Flight control 

D. Ski lifts

Tasks and datasets

Finals 2011: 

Finals 2011

Qualifying round 2010: 

A. Car 

B. Bricks 

C. Sequences 

D. Pharaoh 

Finals 2010: 

Finals 2010

Finals 2009: 

Finals 2009

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